More violence. More… kindness?

1447530257730I spent yesterday media-free, blissfully unaware of what was going on in the rest of the world. (Yes, it can be done.) When my husband came home, he told me there had been another act of terrorism, this time in Paris. I was feeling particularly fragile, so I asked him not to tell me the details.

Anyway, I know enough to guess: there was violence in some part of the world. People died. I know some people feel such strong hatred toward other people that they feel the need to kill. They have a point to prove; but what is their point? It’s lost in the shock and the grief. Yeah, they hate us, and we hate them. That’s the lingering message.

What more do I need to know? Violence. Hatred. Anger. Fear. Now people on our side feel such strong hatred that they feel the need to retaliate… and the violence spreads. It spreads in talk of war. It spreads in words. It spreads in bullying. It spreads when young men pick up guns and shoot into crowds of innocent people. And it spreads when we look suspiciously at people who might otherwise be friends.

We will never solve the problem of violence, but I hope we can find a way to keep it from spreading through our souls. I believe the only anti-violence is KINDNESS. No matter how illogical it seems, I do believe people can be cured with kindness. And I will do my best to spread it among those people who are willing to accept it.

Pass it on.


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